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Title:Data Analysis And Graphics Description:various data sets used in examples and exercises in the book Maindonald, J.H. and Braun, W.J. (2003) "Data Analysis and Graphics Using R".

Author:John Maindonald and W. John Braun Maintainer:W. John Braun <braun@stats.uwo.ca> Version:0.76 Built:R 2.2.1; ; 2006-04-05 21:35:44; unix Date:2005-Dec-22 Depends:R (>= 2.0.1) LazyLoad:true LazyData:true License:Unlimited use and distribution. Packaged:Thu Dec 22 22:12:03 2005; braun3 Suggests:leaps, oz URL:http://www.stats.uwo.ca/DAAG


namespace  DAAG

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