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Title:Main Package of Venables and Ripley's MASS Description:The main library and the datasets.

Author:S original by Venables & Ripley. R port by Brian Ripley <>, following earlier work by Kurt Hornik and Albrecht Gebhardt. Maintainer:Brian Ripley <> Version:7.2-24 Built:R 2.2.1; i486-pc-linux-gnu; 2006-01-02 23:42:18; unix Date:2005-12-24 Bundle:VR BundleDescription:Functions and datasets to support Venables and Ripley, 'Modern Applied Statistics with S' (4th edition). Contains:MASS class nnet spatial Depends:R (>= 2.2.0), graphics, stats LazyLoad:yes LazyData:yes License:GPL (version 2 or later) See file LICENCE. Packaged:Wed Dec 28 17:38:06 2005; ripley Priority:recommended Suggests:lattice, nlme, survival URL:


namespace  MASS

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