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Title:Analysis of Environmental Data : Exploratory and Euclidean methods in Environmental sciences Description:Multivariate data analysis and graphical display.

Author:Daniel Chessel <>, Anne-Beatrice Dufour <> and Stephane Dray <>, with contributions from Jean R. Lobry, Sebastien Ollier, Sandrine Pavoine and Jean Thioulouse. Maintainer:Simon Penel <> Version:1.4-0 Built:R 2.2.1; i486-pc-linux-gnu; 2006-04-05 21:26:26; unix Date:2005/09/26 License:GPL version 2 or newer Packaged:Wed Sep 28 10:49:40 2005; penel Suggests:waveslim, splancs, MASS, maptools, spdep, pixmap, ape, tripack URL:, Mailing list:


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