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Title:Visualization of multivariate, functions, sets, and data Description:The package provides tools to (1) visualize multivariate density functions and density estimates with level set trees, (2) visualize level sets with shape trees, (3) visualize multivariate data with tail trees, (4) visualize scales of multivariate density estimates with mode graphs and branching maps, and (5) visualize anisotropic spread with 2D volume functions and 2D probability conetent functions. With level set trees one visualizes mode structure, with shape trees one visualizes shapes of level sets of unimodal densities, and with tail trees one visualizes connected data sets. The kernel estimator is implemented but the package may be applied for visualizing other density estimates, which have to be setwise constant.

Author:Jussi Klemel? <> Maintainer:Jussi Klemel? <> Version:0.8.1 Built:R 2.2.1; i486-pc-linux-gnu; 2006-04-05 21:37:06; unix Date:2006-03-26 Depends:R License:GPL version 2 or newer Packaged:Thu Mar 30 10:47:49 2006; hornik URL:


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