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Title:Flexible Cluster Algorithms Description:The main function kcca implements a general framework for k-centroids cluster analysis supporting arbitrary distance/similarity measures and centroid computation. Further cluster methods include hard competitive learning, neural gas and QT clustering.

Author:Friedrich Leisch, parts based on code by Evgenia Dimitriadou Maintainer:Friedrich Leisch <Friedrich.Leisch@ci.tuwien.ac.at> Version:0.8-1 Built:R 2.2.1; i486-pc-linux-gnu; 2006-04-05 21:46:37; unix Date:2006-01-11 Depends:R, methods, modeltools LazyLoad:yes License:GPL version 2. Packaged:Wed Jan 11 13:52:45 2006; leisch Suggests:ellipse, clue, cluster


namespace  flexclust

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