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Title:Seasonal statistics, analysis and graphics, especially for climatology Description:Capable of deriving seasonal statistics, such as "normals", and analysis of seasonal data, such as departures. This package also has graphics capabilities for representing seasonal data, including boxplots for seasonal parameters, and bars for summed normals. There are many specific functions related to climatology, including precipitation normals, temperature normals, degree days and precipitation interarrivals. However, this package is designed to represent any time-varying parameter with a discernible seasonal signal, such as found in hydrology and ecology.

Author:M.W. Toews Maintainer:M.W. Toews <> Version:0.1-3 Built:R 2.2.1; ; 2006-04-05 21:58:15; unix Date:2006-03-03 License:BSD Packaged:Tue Mar 14 22:17:46 2006; mwtoews URL:


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