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The main plugin class to be used in the desktop.

Public Member Functions

 SubmitPlugin ()
 The constructor.
ConsoleManager getConsoleManager ()
ConsoleConfiguration getLastConsoleConfig ()
 Convenience method for console output.
ILaunchManager getLaunchManager ()
 Returns the launch manager.
ResourceBundle getResourceBundle ()
 Returns the plugin's resource bundle,.
ServerManager getServerManager ()
void start (BundleContext context) throws Exception
 This method is called upon plug-in activation.
void stop (BundleContext context) throws Exception
 This method is called when the plug-in is stopped.

Static Public Member Functions

static IWorkbenchWindow getActiveWorkbenchWindow ()
 Returns the active workbench window or null if none.
static SubmitPlugin getDefault ()
 Returns the shared instance.
static String getResourceString (String key)
 Returns the string from the plugin's resource bundle, or 'key' if not found.

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