de.alysis.r.basemodel.connection.BaseConnection Interface Reference

Inherited by de.alysis.r.basemodel.connection.BaseConnectionImpl.

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Detailed Description

Encapsulates server connection for other plugins.

Friedrich Schuster

Public Member Functions

void close ()
 closes current connection
void voidEval (String cmd) throws ModelException
 Evaluates the given command, but does not fetch the result (useful for assignment operations).
void voidEval (String cmd, long timeout) throws ModelException, InterruptedException
 Evaluates the given command.
void setSendBufferSize (long sbs) throws ModelException
 Sets send buffer size of the Rserve (in bytes) for the current connection.
void login (String user, String pwd) throws ModelException
 login using supplied user/pwd.
boolean isConnected ()
 check connection state.
boolean needLogin ()
 check authentication requirement sent by server
String getLastError ()
 get last error string

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