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Title:Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) Package Description:This package contains functions to perform Bayesian inference using posterior simulation for a number of statistical models. All simulation is done in compiled C++ written in the Scythe Statistical Library Version 1.0. All models return coda mcmc objects that can then be summarized using the coda package. MCMCpack also contains some useful utility functions, including some additional density functions and pseudo-random number generators for statistical distributions, a general purpose Metropolis sampling algorithm, and tools for visualization.

Author:Andrew D. Martin <>, and Kevin M. Quinn <> Maintainer:Andrew D. Martin <> Version:0.6-6 Built:R 2.2.0; i486-pc-linux-gnu; 2005-12-08 14:01:07; unix Date:2005-11-14 Depends:R (>= 2.0.1), coda (>= 0.9-2), MASS License:GPL version 2 or newer Packaged:Mon Nov 14 09:56:45 2005; adm URL:

Tomography Plot

Last ouput from tomogplot(). For all plots see PDF file.

PDF output with all plots
Example code and log output is in the "Files" section, please see: MCMCpack/tomogplot/example.log

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